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Greenhouse construction to consider what issues

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Building greenhouses need to consider the following points:

1. Land selection: to be elected in the leeward, sunny, fertile soil, easy irrigation and drainage, convenient transportation to create local, shed water equipment is very good.

2. Information construction shed materials used:

① Stake mu need 200 trees, during which: 2.2 meters long, roughly 10-80 cm in length, about 1.6 meters long and roughly 10 cm in length.

② iron mu fine wire 5 kg, 3 kg of thick wire around.

③ plastic film 40-55 kg.

④ bamboo acre about 1200 needles, such as the use of bamboo to build 30-40 trees.

⑤ film line.

3. Greenhouses standards: In order to facilitate the operation of the shed usually greenhouse length of 30-40 meters, 1.8-2.2 meters high, 4-6 meters wide, acres can build 2-3 greenhouses. Greenhouse practice in practice can be determined by Tian fast practice.

4. Building shed approach:

① built before shed finishing field plots.

② Jianpeng direction for the north-south or downwind to build shed.

(3) According to the practice of plots to determine the standard shed after planting side piles, side piles distance of 60-80 cm, 20-40 cm into the soil, side piles and a high degree of consistency with the longitudinal connection of wood or bamboo, side piles for the two rows After the pile is planted and fixed, a row of middle pile is planted in the center, 20-40 cm of soil is earthed and 2-3 meters away. The top of the pile needs the connection of wood pole or bamboo to fix the effect of supporting the scaffolding.

④ The establishment of arch, bamboo arch, both ends into the soil and fixed in the side of the bar on the bar. A distance of 40-60 cm, a longitudinal 80-100 cm, junction with wire tie, constitute the arch.

⑤ cover film: cover film should be selected when no wind in the morning, both ends of the compaction, both ends of the door, after the cover film every 60 cm with film line compaction, both ends fixed in the soil

The above is related to the construction of greenhouse related points and the specific construction method, users in the construction of greenhouse should focus on these issues, so as to ensure the quality of greenhouse construction.