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Vegetable shed construction what type of skeleton more solid

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1. String type shed frame:

Mainly the use of four to six millimeters of wire drawn into a mesh as a stent, this form of stent is still used in place, but the stent affect the light, corrosion resistance is poor, so in college is very prone to collapse.


2. Magnesite greenhouses skeleton:

The framework is the bending strength of the cement price higher than 30 percent to 50 percent, but also has a certain degree of toughness, magnesium frame is an ideal framework material, while the skeleton of the production process is very Complex and precise.


3. bamboo skeleton:

Because relatively low-cost bamboo, a wide range of sources, but due to the high temperature and humidity in the environment perishable, in the larger span of Dapeng also need a lot of pillar support, which gives the growers a lot of inconvenience, as technology The development of this skeleton will also be eliminated.


4. Resin Shed frame:

The skeleton is designed for low-end users developed a new type of skeleton, mainly used in ordinary solar greenhouse and breeding Dapeng, the skeleton of the low cost, smooth appearance. Generally applicable to a height of less than meters, the span of 13 meters within the greenhouse, the service life of more than 10 years.


5. Cement shed skeleton:

Mainly by the cold drawn wire, concrete, straw rope, etc., while using the mold produced, and his high strength, good aging resistance. But concrete is very brittle, handling and installation is very inconvenient, while it is mainly made by hand, so the labor intensity is very high, but not suitable for large-scale promotion.