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Greenhouse irrigation system how to maintain

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1, Every day irrigation, check whether the working pressure and flow of each irrigation group are the same with the design at any time, and whether all the drip irrigation lines have water and record it in the book;

2, Every day when irrigation is carried out, operators must carry out inspections in the field to promptly repair damaged pipelines, field valves and drip irrigation pipelines;

3. While irrigation is in progress each week, turn on the end of each drip line and use a high-pressure water stream to flush out the fine particles accumulated at the end of the dropper. The pipeline must be opened one by one, in order to ensure adequate pressure, must not be a small area open;

4, drip irrigation pipeline at work, we must ensure that the drip outlet Chuantupu to prevent drip irrigation pipelines in the water caused by congestion; Shenzhen car consignment car shipping company

5, drip irrigation pipeline must be at the surface, must not be buried in the sand;

6, the air valve in the irrigation season, the requirements always ensure that the lower part of the ball valve is fully open position to eliminate the air caused by a variety of damage.