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Framework of greenhouse textures

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Framework of greenhouse textures


Wen-hang greenhouse with steel frame and aluminum alloy composition, transparent cover material is 4mm thick flat glass. Greenhouse roof shapes and types are mainly multi-ridge multi-ridge type and ridge type two.


(1) Foundation: The frame structure is first and foremost the foundation. It is a component that connects the structure with the ground. It safely transmits wind loads, snow loads, plant loads, dead weights of components to the foundation. The foundation is made of embedded parts and concrete. The foundation of the plastic film greenhouse is relatively simple, the glass greenhouse is more complicated, and the solid beam of the side wall and the end wall must be poured.


(2) Skeleton: Dutch greenhouse skeleton is a type of column, beam or arch are made of rectangular steel pipe, channel made of hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, with good anti-rust ability; the other is the doors and windows , Roofs and other aluminum profiles, the antioxidant treatment, light and beautiful, no rust, good sealing, and push and pull open and labor-saving. Currently, most Dutch greenhouse manufacturers use and install aluminum profiles and fixed glass. There are also companies with thin-walled steel, but the outer layer with zinc, aluminum and silicon additives composite material. The coating's chemical composition is 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, 1.6% silicon additive. This component combines the advantages of high corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy profiles, steel galvanized pieces of high strength.


(3) Drainage: also called "gutter", its role is to connect single-span greenhouses to multi-span greenhouses, and at the same time it can collect and discharge rain (snow) water. Drainage from the central greenhouse to the ends of the inclined extension, slope down more than 0.5%. Multi-span greenhouse drains on the ground to form a shadow, accounting for about 5% of the total area of ​​the ground, requiring the structure to ensure structural strength and drainage under the premise of the drainage structure of the shape of the light as little as possible. According to the fluid mechanics requirements of the drainage channel design, the drainage capacity of the drainage channel is a function of its section shape, slope and length when the drainage inclination is 0.5% and the rainfall intensity is 3001 / s · hm2 for 5 minutes. That is, under the condition of certain drainage capacity, each structural drainage channel corresponds to a maximum length, and this parameter also provides the design basis for the overall layout of the greenhouse. In order to prevent the condensation of cold water on the inner surface of the winter cold night dripping onto the plant or increase indoor humidity, also installed in the sink below the semi-circular aluminum alloy condensate recovery tank, the condensate collected after discharge to the ground, or The recovery tank connected with the rainwater recovery pipe, directly to the outdoor or reservoir.