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Open-top/side-open window system

Open-top/side-open window system

Class: Greenhouse fittings
Click:    Date:2018-02-09


Product description

The skylight uses a staggered window design in order to enhance the effect of air convection. The skylight opening angle of up to 30 degrees. According to the climate difference between inside and outside, to achieve a different angle of opening. Ventilation area can account for more than 20% of the top area of the greenhouse. 

The side windows of the greenhouse use the overall mechanical transmission and cooperate with the sunroof to cooling. The side window is averted or push-pull open. 

Unique window opening and insect net design can effectively prevent insects and debris into the interior of the greenhouse, thereby reducing its greenhouse crop infections. 

The sunroof and side windows are rack and pinion driven and electrically controlled.