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Cooling system

Cooling system

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Product description

Cooling system

Cooling can be realized by using the principle of evaporation cooling, and special drainage wetted pad can guarantee that water shall evenly spread on the whole wall of cooling wetted pad and air can go into heat exchange with the water on the surface of wetted pad, when it is penetrating the wetted pad media, so that humidifying and cooling of air can be realized. 


Wetted pad fan 

The frame adopts automatic processing technology with high precision. It has very thick galvanized layer with very strong corrosion resistance. 

Wheel hub made from high-strength alloy castings, with the newest, fan-shaped blades that are formed by twisting and stamping, a reasonable angle of the airfoil ensures a large amount of air flow. 

Have the strict quality testing procedures: Noise survey, vibration detection, rotational concentric performance detection, fan blade rotational speed detection, wind detection, and whole machine efficiency detection. 

380V high-performance three-phase motor. Two wind collectors are used, including iron and glass. The rear safety net is easy to remove and has an optimized CAD design. 


Wetted pad of greenhouse 

Wetted pad is a special paper honeycomb structure of the material; its working principle is the natural physical phenomenon of "water evaporation endothermic". Water flows from top to bottom under the action of gravity, thus forming a water film on the corrugated fiber surface of the wetted pad. When the fast-flowing air passes through the wetted pad, the water in the water film absorbs the hot evaporated water in the air and reduces lots of the latent heat. Through the wetted pad air temperature drops so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.