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Internal sunshade system

Internal sunshade system

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Product description

Anti-mist & anti-drip: When closing the internal sunshade system, the upper and lower two independent spaces are formed inside the greenhouse, which can effectively prevent the formation of mist and dew in the greenhouse. 

Energy-saving insulation: Both in winter and in the evenings can effectively prevent the heat inside the greenhouse from spilling through the form of radiation or heat exchange, which not only reduces the energy consumption, but also saves the greenhouse operation cost. 

Water saving: This reduces the evaporation of moisture from indoor crops and soil and effectively maintains the humidity of the air and reduces the amount of water used for irrigation. 

In order to increase the insulation effect of the indoor, a double internal sunshade system can be used. 

The curtain is divided into breathable and thermal type of these two types. According to the need, choose different types and different shading rate of the curtain.