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Ecological horticulture greenhouse
Sightseeing greenhouse

Sightseeing greenhouse

Class: Ecological horticulture greenhouse
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Product description

♦ Sightseeing greenhouse such as leisure club is mainly used for exhibition, visit, spreading of scientific knowledge or used in a large convention center, leisure green room, bar, coffee shop, which are mainly constructed in botany garden, agricultural park area, park, resort, therapy base or other public places. 

♦ It is characterized by various internal designs, integration of landscape art into the landscape, blue sky, green trees, fake mountains, small bridges, flowing water and other different views that make people return to the countryside from the prosperous and noisy city, completely relax and enjoy the fragrance of the sun and earth and the unique tranquility, and think about life in view of the flowers and taste of the beautiful scenery, reflecting the charm of modern tourism agriculture.