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Film greenhouse
Solar greenhouse

Solar greenhouse

Class: Film greenhouse
Click:    Date:2018-02-09


Product description

♦ Long-span structure without column, spacious room, applicable to mechanized operation; 

♦ Strong bearing capacity and long life; 

♦ Reasonable lighting angle of the roof, sufficient indoor lightning, excellent heat insulation property, significant energy-saving effect; 

♦ Computer optimized design, good lighting, material saving, low production cost, and high use of the land; 

♦ Compound insulation wall, internal wall insulation and external wall heating, which is easy to form a good small climate in the greenhouse. 

♦ Use heat preservation quilt and mat for heat preservation in winter, and the electric roller screen rolls; 

♦ Suitable for the wide application of flower planting, seedling breeding, vegetable production and sightseeing demonstration park.