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Venlo PC plate greenhouse
Venlo type sunshine panel greenhouse

Venlo type sunshine panel greenhouse

Class: Venlo PC plate greenhouse
Click:    Date:2018-02-09


Product description

Greenhouse structure

Adopt heat galvanized light steel structure, A shape ridge, including two pinnacles of each span, three pinnacles of each span and four pinnacles of each span. 


Technical parameters

Multiple pinnacles of each span. The greenhouse has small roof, multiple gutter, large span and other features, and can be separated flexibly inside; 

Good lighting performance and even indoor lighting; 

Strong drainage capacity, large area multi-span is available. 

Aluminum alloy profile or special link seal connection seal, the appearance is beautiful; 

With anti-drop mist function, set up the fog water collecting tank under the open ditch, and the fog water can be collected and guided to the greenhouse end for removal so as to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. 

The effect of heat preservation and energy saving is better than single glass, saving a lot of fuel in winter, but light selection is worse than single glass. 

The interior is spacious and bright, the operation space is large, and the greenhouse utilization is high. 


Greenhouse features

Cover material: 8mm-12mm sunshine panel on the top, sunshine panel at the surroundings or other clad; 

Span: 6.4 m/8.0m/9.6m/10.8m/12m/12.8m/16.0m 

Eaves height: 3.0 m-8.0m 

Intercolumniation: 4.0m-8.0m 

Top window: Staggered window, unilateral open window, and pass length opening window at the ridge. 

Side window: Rack outer window, sliding window and electric vertical sliding window. 

Supporting facilities: Select different supporting facilities according to the greenhouse function.