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Venlo type glass greenhouse
Intelligent Venlo type glass greenhouse

Intelligent Venlo type glass greenhouse

Class: Venlo type glass greenhouse
Click:    Date:2018-02-09


Product description

Greenhouse structure

Adopt heat galvanized light steel structure, A shape ridge. 

Cover material for the roof and surroundings adopt 4+9+4 float insulation glass, and the glass can be fully tempered. 


Technical parameters

Cover material: 4+9+4 float insulation glass (or tempered) 

Span: 6.4m/8.0m/9m/9.6m/10.8m/12m 

Eaves height: 3m/4m/4.5m/5.5m/6m etc. 

Intercolumniation: 4m/8m 

Top window: Pass length or interlace 

Side window: Rack outer window, sliding window and electric vertical sliding window. 

Supporting facilities: Different supporting facilities should be selected according to the greenhouse function. 


Greenhouse features

The contradiction between greenhouse heat preservation and light transmission is solved; 

Heat preservation is sound in winter; 

The unique glass seal structure solves the roof leaking problem completely. 

The glass greenhouse has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, good transparency, good display effect and long service life. For areas with low light, and with geothermal energy and power plant waste heat, glass greenhouse is a better choice. The glass greenhouse is very suitable for the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river; 

This kind of greenhouse can realize full automatic control, and the supporting equipment can choose heating system (air heater or water heating), shading system, micro-fog or water curtain cooling system, C02 make-up system, supplementary lighting system, spray, drip irrigation and fertilizer systems, computer integrated control system and top spray system etc.