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Film greenhouse
All-steel arched greenhouse

All-steel arched greenhouse

Class: Film greenhouse
Click:    Date:2018-02-09


Product description

♦ All-steel arched greenhouse uses galvanized steel frame structure, with main truss spacing between 0.8m-1.2m, height around 3.2m. It is very convenient for construction and installation. 

♦ The design of greenhouse without elevated supporting columns significantly enhances the lighting effect in the greenhouse, and the mechanized operation increases the land use rate. 

♦ This greenhouse is generally applicable to the planting in the southern area and planting of northern area in spring, summer and autumn. 


Technical parameters

♦ Large-span vertical column sunlight arched greenhouse adopts special concrete column as the supporting column, Galvanized steel pipe and thick wall bamboo pole for the canopy face frame. This kind of greenhouse has a low production cost, is sturdy and durable, has large use of land area, and is generally suitable for spring and autumn vegetable planting and livestock breeding shed. Thus, it is also known as: Spring and autumn greenhouse. 

♦ The construction usually spans 8-23m, with a construction height of 3-6m. 

♦ In the northern area, the second or third layer can be added in the greenhouse to increase the temperature at night.