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Glass greenhouse basic timber and construction characteristics

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Glass greenhouse basic timber and construction characteristics


Glass greenhouse refers to the greenhouse glass for lighting materials, belonging to a greenhouse, in the cultivation facilities, the glass greenhouse as a longest service life form, suitable for a variety of regions and the use of a variety of climatic conditions. Industry in the span and the size of the room between the size of the construction model is divided into, but also divided into different uses: vegetable glass greenhouse, flower glass greenhouse, nursery glass greenhouse, ecological glass greenhouse, scientific research glass greenhouse, three-dimensional glass greenhouse, shaped Glass greenhouse, leisure glass greenhouse, smart glass greenhouse and so on. The area and the use of greenhouses can have the main free deployment, the smallest courtyard leisure type, a large height of up to 10 meters above the span of up to 16 meters, the largest open up to 10 meters, the degree of intelligence can achieve a key control. Glasshouse heating in winter can use a variety of heating methods, the energy cost of the center, most can accept.


Glass greenhouse basic timber and construction characteristics


(1) Independent basis. Usually use reinforced concrete. Divided from the construction method, the independent foundation is divided into full cast-in-place and some in-situ two ways. All cast-in-place using the construction site mold, the overall method of pouring; part of the cast-in-place basis of short prefabricated, foundation cushion pouring way. Two ways to choose according to the specific circumstances. Cast-in-place has the characteristics of good integrity and low cost; some of the cast-in-place methods have higher cost, but the construction speed is faster, and the construction quality is easier to guarantee.


(2) strip basis. Usually masonry structure (brick, stone), the construction is also used on-site masonry approach, the foundation is often set at the top of a reinforced concrete ring beam to install embedded parts and increase the foundation stiffness. In addition, the side wall foundation can also be a mixture of independent basis and strip basis, two types of foundation bottom can be located at the same elevation, but also according to the bearing capacity and the role of the set at different elevation; independent foundation undertakes greenhouse column bottom pass The bar base is only used as part of the divider.


(3) basic construction precautions. The basic construction should ensure the correctness of the column height and axis position, equipment, pipe openings and installation should be promptly buried, non-construction and then cut, destroy the foundation.